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BudtenderTV for Dispensaries

BudtenderTV is the world’s most advanced dispensary advertising system, designed to help you reduce perceived wait times, drive customer conversations, and sell more product. Not only is BudtenderTV the most powerful dispensary signage platform available, it’s the easiest to use, too.

What Can BudtenderTV Do For You?

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Automated Menu Board

Our Menu Board application automatically updates your products and pricing from Weedmaps, so that you have one less menu to maintain

Full Control

Use our web-based software to schedule content in advance or make changes on the fly. Manage dozens of screens at once, or each individually.
With BudtenderTV, your screens belong to you.

Upload Your Own Content

BudtenderTV allows you to easily upload your own videos and images so you can showcase store promotions, budtender profiles, local events, and more.

Content Library

Featuring hundreds of ads from all your top brands, BudtenderTV gives you the content you need to succeed.

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App Library

Show off your Instagram, upcoming events, live local weather, and more with BudtenderTV’s constantly expanding App Library.

How Does BudtenderTV Help?

  • Reduces administrative burden of updating menus and managing in-store advertisements

  • Reduces perceived wait times

  • Faster transaction times

  • Boosts sales

  • Improves customer awareness of products, promotions, and events

“I love it, personally. Simplicity is key, and I only have to update my menu in one place."

- Kind Care of Colorado

“We had an ad showing for the PAX 3, even though we didn’t carry it. So many people asked about it that I finally ordered four units—they sold out almost immediately, so I’m going to keep ordering more!"

- Solace Meds

How BudtenderTV Works


For the utmost in appearance and performance, BudtenderTV provides all hardware free of charge, including two 43" commercial-grade HD monitors, media players, mounting hardware, and a lifetime warranty. You'll get automatic on/off times, thin bezels, and look that fits in any store.

Installation & Support

You're busy; we know that. That's why BudtenderTV handles the installation for you. Our team of professional installers will help determine the best mounting options and assure that your new screen is a seamless addition to your store.

Content Management

BudtenderTV's cloud-based software lets you manage your system anywhere you can access the internet. Upload custom ads, adjust your channel subscriptions, tweak play frequencies, and change system on/off times in a flash.

See It In Action!

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